Project Title Implementing Childrights Convention and Child Law No 12/1996 in (10) NGOs working in field of Early childhood in Minia – Governorate

Funding Agency : United Nation Development program , ( UNDP ) Assisting communities together to support human rights ( ACT ) and Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights ( OHCHR )
project's objectives

- Raising Awareness of (10) NGOs on activating some child rights articles of law No 12 / 1996 and article No 57 for members of board Directores in 10 NGOs working in the field of Early childhood
- Enhancing capacities of kindergarten supervisors in (10) NGOS which work in early childhood field
- Enable supervisors who work with children to acquire technical ,healthful and behavior skills to activate child rights in their program

( Article No 57 of Egyptian Child Law No 12/1996 )

kindergarten aims to help children to achieve a comprehensive and integrated development in mental, physical,, movement emotional , social , moral and religious items


project's activities :

- Training workshops for the members of Board of Directors in 10 NGOs on child and human rights beside the Egyptian Child law No 12/1996 and how to enclose child rights in their basic systems
- Conducting training workshops for supervisors on psychical needs for the early childhood phase
- How to use drawing in teaching child rights
- How to discover technical skills of children
- Healthy needs of early childhood
- How to design program for kindergarten
- Exchange visits with other NGOs and distinguished to kindergarten

Project's results

- Training 40 members of Board of Directors from (10) NGOs for 8 days
- Training 20 supervisors in (10) NGOs for 12 days
- 2 visit to distinguished kindergarten
- Agreeing on establishing specific union for early childhood from partner Association of project and commissioned Tanweer with taking important procedures to declare the union

Partner Association in project

- Tanweer foundation for Education and Development in Minia
- Woman Association for Community Development – Matai
- Women Kom- Waly Association for local Community Development
- Amir-Tadros Association in Minbal
- Youngmen Christian Association in Minia (YMCA)
- Red Crescent Association in Minia
- Evangelical Association for sustainable Development
- Women Association for Raising Youngsters
- Children and Family Care Association
- Jesuit and Brothers Association for Development- Minia

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