Project title :Gender sensitive Intervention for prevention of Blindness

We implemented this project in participation with El Noor foundation in Cairo
During discussing school's problems by pupils whom we deal with in one of our projects .they observed a big rate of early blindness and hair of eye in Abyoha and Etleedem villages in Abo qorqas city-Minia Governorate so we cooperated with El Noor foundation in one of it's project to solve this problem. and the project work strategies were as the following

First strategy: preparing cadres
Preparing 45 cadres of graduates and training them on medical subject to discover case diseases which will be examine by doctors in both villages .

Second strategy: Awareness campaigns
-Implementing awareness campaigns in both villages by the trained cadres on the importance of protection against eye diseases
- Observing sick cases through forms prepared for this purpose by specialists, they discovered 66 case of eye hair and 304 cataract cases

Third strategy: participation
-There was a cooperation and participation protocol singed for primary eye care in Mania Governorate among the following parties:
-Tanweer for Education and Development in Minia Governorate
-El Noor Charity Foundation in Cairo
-Patient's Friends Association in Minia
-Health and Population Directorate representingin;-
- Eye Hospital in Minia (Ramad)
- Central Hospital in Abo Qorqas

this protocol was honored by the support of Minia governor
project results

Executing 304 cataract operation in eye Hospital (ramad) in Minia
- Executing medical convey on eyes by El Magraby Hospital in Cairo included 11 Doctors of Tracoma ,12 nurses ,10 executives and prepared room for quickly operation ,they examined 600 case in Etleedem village
- Now there are many eye hair operation executed by Central Hospital in Abo Qorqas

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