- Tanweer participated in the project of " Promotion of Youth Role in Development Process" which was implemented by Young men Christian Association as an umbrella with 5 NGOs and 2 youth centers in ( Minia – Cairo and Asiut )

- Participating in forum of " Discover and Care of Talented Children from (2-16 ) year" which was implemented by General Egyptian Association for Talented with (5) NGOs in ( Cairo- Minia and South Sinia )

Tanweer's Role : Organizing and implementing projects activities in Minia as the following
-Workshop with talented children in Minia schools
-Workshop with leaders of Education Directorate
-Workshop with parents of talented children

Projects Results :

-Declaration of Egyptian union for Talended on the level of Egypt that it includes more than 20 NGOs in (6) Governorates

Mr/ Magdy Aziz Manger of Tanweer honored by the membership of Egyptian Union for Talented Board of Directors

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