Project Title Implementing Child rights


Project Title Implementing Child rights Convention and Child Law No 12/
1996 in (10) NGOs working in field of Early childhood in Minia – Governorate
Funding Agency : United Nation Development program , ( UNDP ) Assisting communities together to support human rights ( ACT ) and Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights ( OHCHR )

Gender sensitive Intervention for prevention of Blindness  

We implemented this project in participation with El Noor foundation in Cairo

During discussing school's problems by pupils whom we deal with in one of our projects .they observed a big rate of early blindness and hair of eye in Abyoha and Etleedem villages in Abo qorqas city-Minia Governorate so we cooperated with El Noor foundation in one of it's project to solve this problem. and the project work strategies were as the following:

Tanweer participated in the project of " Promotion of Youth Role in Development Process"
which was implemented by Young men Christian Association as an umbrella with 5 NGOs and 2 youth centers in ( Minia – Cairo and Asiut

Participating in forum of " Discover and Care of Talented Children from (2-16 ) year"
which was implemented by General Egyptian Association for Talented with (5) NGOs in ( Cairo- Minia and South Sinia )

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