(Achieved aim)

From one village of the project's villages called Beni Mohomed sharawy in school of El Godamy .We present an experience which indicates to the effects of the project
There was a man who is working in directorate of Agriculture who has three boys & two girls he refused to let them join the school so they became illilerate
The children of child rights groups presented and dissucced this problem and as a result of this discussion they arranged a meeting with the father.then a small group of children went to talk with the father who welcomed them and discussed with them
The children presented to the father the activites of the child right group and their achievements at the school and they invited him to meet the members of the school committee and he accepted and went to meet those members who welcomed him.
They all talked about the childrens right of education as their right in water and air after that the father decided to let the little daughter join the school at 2005-2006 and the school manager accepted to let his other daughters and sons join eliminating illiteracy classes


( children rights in cleaning enuironment)

-(burning sweepings= environment pollution)
-(save children from diseases)
-(responsibles with us here and there) (bad habit)
-(We protect environment)
-Children of Demsheer school observed that some people be accustomed to throw and burn sweepings in land facing the school's door,it is considered uncivilized way
so children from child rights group made awareness campaign against pollution which results from throw sweepings in front of the school and its effects on children and people health also increasing pollution
-Enlightenment campaign included villages citizens children of child rights group and the school committee appealing to members of local unit in village to help them in removing sweepings which facing the school,actually they specified car to removing sweepings every day
From here it results that citizens protect environment from pollution also children played very important role in determine the problem and solve

( Dangerous of Mobile phone)

(children's intelligence appear)
(children move and old people disappear)
(Frightening disease)
(Keep away it from us)
(harmful of net)

Are children have rights in this?
Children from child rights group and the school committee know that a company will build tower for Mobile net in the land in front of Demsheer school 2 so they went to say to director of the school but he surprised them that he know this matter so they went to the owner of the land who told them that he rent out the land to the company,the school committee tried to persuade him to get back rent the land but. he refused because he get on big sum of money, immediately members of the school committee and child rights group made meeting to write three notes, one for the local unit the second for the Education directorate in Minia and the third for Ministry of Environment
Responsibles cares about this matter so they come to inspect the place also they drawn map to the land and they sent it to Ministry of Environment till they gathered all citizens and parents to face the owner or the company and prohibit building the tower

(Protection the life)

(safety door)
(becareful of the mad driving)
(frightening road)
(our sons are fine)

In Etleedem primary school problem a appeared that child died by car during crossing the road to return from school to his house
From here,child rights community and the school committee decided talking to the owner of a land beside the school which prevent children crossing the road to return to their houses through open the door in this land , the owner agreed and opened the door before their enterance the school and during their leaving the school this it saved safety for children and protection their life from road dangerous

(The right in getting on medicine)

(out problem solved)
(We have to examine medically and they have medicine)
(God bless them)
(My country in it ??)

When the childern of village Demsheer got sick they went to the doctor in their school and he write them medicine but they had to travel 12 kilometers from their village to Minia city to get the medicine because there is no pharmacy in their village can give them medicine and this is a problem of all schools inside the village .so the childern of the child rights groups analysed the reasons of the problem,stalkholderss,decision makers, and the possible solutions for this problem to get medicine from their village
Members of the school committee helped children in writing rquest to the director of the health insurance in Minia after signing it from their school also they went to all primary and preparatory schools in Demsheer, responsibles in the schools welcomed them and five schools agreed on it so responsibles signed and stamped papers to offer it to the director of the healthy insurance in Minia who agreed and welcomed finding pharmacy to distribute medicines in the village
After that children went to ask all pharmacies to do this task till Eslam pharmacy agreed to on distributing medicine of the health insurance that children can get on their rights in cure and save money of transport for 1500 student (boy and girl) in village's schools

(Modern and cleaning school)

(world still fine)
(the land is our land)
(resources of our country)
(inter out country)
(out hope achieved)

Demsheer school 1 is very small and narrow also it's furniture very bad so it is considered aproblem which was presented by children of child rights group ,through it the Education directorate in Minia made a request to the educational building authority in Minia to inspect the place but it refused building the school because it has small area so one of grantors gave them eight carats for building school and citizens of the village started to collect grants to buy two carat to complete the requested area,total of grants was eighty thousand to become one of idea which was presented by children to solve problems,till now they collected forty thousand pounds and still collecting remaining money
Now children make awareness for citizens that not move their children from this school to another country estate for keep cultural original of school which graduated from it all of citizens in village since more than seventy five year

(Greeting the flag with me)

(Without difference)
(girl like boy)
(continuing co-operation)

Children be accustomed from old ages to let boy greeting the flag very morning in school including (boys and girls) it is considered one of fixed matters where there was discussion in it by the child rights group in hatshbsot school 1 in Abo-korkas city who presented matter of discrimination against girl to the school committee during their regular meetings,there was many opioions toward this matter between opposition and supporting but last decision was alternation between boys and girls in greeting the flag every morning, this considered success in establishing principle of equality and this principle spreaded in other schools through visiting

Also it considered first time for girls to greeting the flag morning queue
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