Child Rights group

•  child rights community in every school consist of 30-35 child (boy and girl) of founrth ,fifth and sixth primary grade from Muslim and christian children
•  Every group holds regular meeting for 2-3 hour beside other activities

Two supervisors (man and woman) supervise activities of the group with the school committee which includes six persons.

The program

Program divide to three main axis?

-Symposiums and meetings

First Axis and Subjects :
Subjects :

We present subjects in frame of child rights convention and living values programs as the following:

-Studying convention of child rights and determination rights, duties and violates which happen to them
-Needs and desires and differences between them
-Meaning of fair rights, equality and responsibilities toward the rights
- Rights, duties and Respect rights of the other
-Home's burdens which thrown on girl
-girl's right to join the school
-participation in taking decision and Democracy
-The mutual respect
-Program for solve problems
We present every subject to range from 6 to 8 meetings

The meeting’s contents

-Revision charging of the last meeting
-Presenting the subject through stories, films, work groups, dialogue meeting,……………
-practicing activities about the subject
-selecting and agreeing on charging for every person or group inside child rights group
-Game free activity as (artistic works, stories, drawing,….)

The second Axis
Accompanying activities :

-The group practice other activities round the year through a plane which was designed in advance by supervisors and the school committee, these activities as the following :
-scientific and entertaining journies for students
-Parties in the general occasions
-Exchange visits with other schools whether it was in it's geographic area or outside Geographic area
-work camps in schools to solve specific problem like cleanness or tree planting ……….etc
-Annual Exhibition for children's products from stories, drawings and artistic works.
-using computer for make activities with using program of powerpoint
-production annimation's films about child rights
- final festivals for the annual activity for the group

Third Axis symposiums and awareness meetings:

-Awareness symposiums for parents and students
- Awareness symposiums for teachers of the school
-Through these meetings the participants design plans to solve problems after studying with stalkholder of the problem (Government outhorities-citizens-students-people decision-taker)

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