Project Idea:-
Tanweer is implementing this project in 3 governorates in Upper Egypt (Minia-Assuit-Suhag) in cooperation with 8 NGOs and 3 youth centers to educate 1200 illiterates in 30 classes through a program was prepared by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the United Nation Development Program, the General Authority for Adult Education's, and the Italian Cooperation, this program on CDs, which assists students in self-educating using computers.

This project is funded by USAID (General Dynamic Company-ICT program).
The main philosophy of the project :-
to teach illiterate people; how to read, and write through educational programs on CD. Every illiterate is settled on computer to learn how to read, write, and calculate through educational programs, games, and animated exercises

The duration of teaching an illiterate person takes from 4-5 months which is half the duration of the traditional way of attending classes which takes 9 months. At the end of 4 or 5 months session, the illiterate is given a certificate from the General Authority for Eliminating Illiteracy and Adult Education's.
Project objectives :-
1. 1,200 illiterate people acquiring ICT skills to help them self-educate.
2. Expand ICT awareness and usage among illiterates.
3. Increase awareness of the importance of education.
4. Eliminate illiteracy using ICT.
5. Use untraditional methods to accommodate illiterates in classes.
Success stories :-
Shoemaker elected as class president
Saber Magdy
Saber Magdy, a 40 years –old shoemaker who attends new illiteracy classes In Assuit in the Association of Community Development in Sahel Sleem .

Saber Was of cleverest participant who was able to read and write in less than 4 months, Also he was elected as the president of the class. Saber stated that this position gave himself confidence and made him eager to learn more.
Hania Ibrahim
Hania Ibrahim, a housewife started to attend the illiteracy classes In YMCA in Abu Qurqas .Her teacher stated that she is making big progress and she was able to read and calculate by herself. The housewife stated that she was able to calculate the daily expenses for her house needs' in 4 month only.
Breaking Record :-
Mohamed Khalf , Mohameed Fathey and other student joining I C T illiteracy Classes in s Sahaa Youth Center in Minia city had broken the fixed time for passing the program exams on computer as the following :-
Scored Degree Exam Degrees Breaking Record  Specific time for passing exam   Exam lesson Student name
181 183 13 minutes 30 minutes First (six lessons) Mohammed Khalf Godaa
98 100 10 minutes 30 minutes Arabic language C D 2 Mohamed Fathey
100 100 8 minutes 30 minutes Mathematics CD2 Mohamed Hassan
98 100 11 minutes 30 minutes Mathematics C D 2 Ez El Din El samaan
98 100 13 minutes 30 minutes Mathematics C D 2 Arafaa Zakaria
100 100 5 minutes 30 minutes Arabic language C D 2 Ahmed Fargely
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