Activating the girl's right in practicing sports
Now Tanweer is implementing a project of "Activating the girl's right in practicing sports in 20 Governmental Elementary schools in Minia Education Directorate" in cooperation with Ashoka Arab World Foundation and Nike Company
Project's objectives
- Activating article number 31(1) of child right convention which was signed in 1989 which provide for" the right of child in enjoying rest and pleasure time also practicing sport"
- Encouraging girls in the elementary schools to practice volley ball in the 20 schools.
- Acquiring the spirit of competition and teamwork through a system that will help girls to practice sport.
- Creating positive and behavioral attitudes in girls towards practicing sport.
- Acquiring skills and information which necessary for practicing volleyball.
- Overcome the discrimination against girls in practicing sport in Upper Egypt
- 200 girls from 20 governmental elementary schools from 4th, 5th and 6th grades.
- 40 supervisors and sport teachers from the target schools.
Undirected Beneficiaries
550 girls from the target schools and supervisors
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