The experience of Tanweer Through 2003-2004
1-The experience of Tanweer in building the institutional capacities of NGOs:
1- The Technical and Institutional Assistance :

•  Tanweer evaluated a project of “ providing work oppartunities for students graduated from the industrial schools and the connection between study and work in the industrial area of Minia” this project was implemented by the Association of the services for comprehensive Development in Minia

•  Organizing and facilitating a training component in the project of “ Improvement of small farmers land productivity in Minia” which was implemented by Agriculture faculty –Minia university this was through 8 training programms together with 60 meetings with stakehdders groups of the project in 6 villages in Minia Governoratem(two of the in Abu Qurqas)

•  Participating in a project of “Assisting communities together” (Ict) as an umberlla to train and enhance capacities of 10 NGOs working in the field of preschool through implementing the Article 57 in childright law no.12-1996 to enforce the human rights to develop the performance of the civil society in Egypt especially in NGOs reponsible for strengthening human righty principles.the project is a small grant offered by UNDP by the support of the high commissioner of human rights in UNDP

•  Tanweer providing now technical assitance to 9 NGOs ( 2 in Assuit-3 in Suhag-1 in Qena –I in Aswan -in Bensweif 1 in cairo) through desiging funding proposals ,monitoring and evluating development projects
2 - Studies and Field Researches Implemented by Tanweer:

•  Preparing, desiging and implementing a field study for 5 villages in Minia Governorate (2 in Abu Qurqas) to watch the current situation of the Egyptian village and deteming the elements of strength to invest them and the weakness elements to put an excutive plans to solve them by the support of leaders and populations in villages and decisions taker

•  the General Administration of NGOs in the Ministry of Education charged tanweer to make a land –survey for 12 formal kindergarten following the Education directorate in Minia to design plans for develop them

•  Making an analytic study for 18 non formal kindergarten following NGOs, aiming to develop Kindergarten and participating in implementing the convention of childrights and the Egyptian law of child

•  Making a field study about the low registration and dropout rate in 4 places in the education directorate of Der Mawas by charching of the program of improving education in cooperation with the world Bank and European union

•  Evaluating the environmental status in 11 areas in Minia Governorate in two districts of (Minia-Abu Qurqas) to watch the reality of using the clean and renewable energy in 35 public schools and presenting the results and recommendations to the decision takers in the Education Directorate of Minia

•  The Arbic council for childhood and Development charged tanweer to make a field study about the effects of different cultures on the Arbic childern

•  Making field studying about working obstructions in teachers and parents meeting in thirty five school society in Minia Governorate includs five school societies in Abu-qurquas teaching administration to obstruction which prevent participation of society in Education and making scientific studying from specialized experienced in this field

3 - The Membership of Tanweer in organizations support the formal and Non-formal education

•  Tanweer is a member in the center of Developing Education in the Education Directorate of Abu Qurqas to assess the needs of the education organization in the directorates schools and assessing the basis and methods of meeting these needs

•  Participating in the membership of the voluntary team in the initiative of teaching girls since 2001 and cooperating with the Association of Jesuit and Brothers in Minia to prepare an excutive plan for the initiative in 7 governorates and Tanweer's manager works as the excutive secretary of the team in Minia

•  Tanweer is a member in the Egyptian Union for Talented all over Egypt to find out and care of talented children from 8-16 years in the education system and youth centers

•  Tanweer is a member in the forum of improving the role of youth in the education process (youth and volunteering) to advocate to voluntary campaigns in pre university and university education and NGOs

•  Tanweer is a member in the Arbic Network for civic Education in 7 Arbic countries to establish the rules of participation and Democracy in Education in Egypt

•  Participating in the membership of in the public association of childrights collaboration with 135 NGOs all over Egypt

•  Participating as a founder member in the specific union of early childhood for the associations and foundations work in the field of early childhood in Minia (under establishing)

•  Participating in the membership of in the Network for child work which includes 14 NGOs and directorates of Education,youth,labor forces and social affairs)in Minia

•  Tanweer is a member in the specific union of NGOs working in the field of lending in Minia Governorate

•  Tanweer”s manager is the manager of the education committee in the regional union of NGOs foundations in Minia Governorate

2-The experience of Tanweer in the field working in fromal and non formal education programs

Tanweer implement a project of “ The civil education in 20 public elementary schools in Minia Governorate 10 of schools are in the education directorate of Abu Qurqas from 1-1-2003 and aims to aquiring the pupils positive positive skills, knowledge and atitudes to qauilfy them to support the girl's rights through working with 20 school committees (120 members) including 40 parents and 80 members working in the school administration after passing 12 training program such as : team work,strategic planing effetive adminstration and teaching skills, this project is supported by a consultative committee of decision makers on the level of Minia Governorate ,dire ctorates related to the project and the Ministry of Education (the general adminstration of NGOs in the Ministry)

Idea of this project that it get on colleagueship of Ashoka's world Foundation on level forty eight nation in year 2005

- Execution project of the personal laering for illiterates by using information technology with participation program of ICT which following institution of Americam supporting,program of continuance development in connection Ministry and general institution for Removing illiteracy also learning old people , it is carrying out in two youth center and primary school in Minia for removing illiteracy of four hundred learner by using Modern program to teaching illiterates

- Implement a program of “ living values” in 20 school in Minia and Abu Qurqas” which is supported teachnicaly by UNICIEF

- Preparing and implementing an evaluating study to assess and estimate the needs of school aiming to improve the environment of education inside and outside school to make the school attractive and this study was in 20 public primary school (10 in Abu Qurqas education directorate

- Implementing a training program for the supevisors of athletic,theatrical ,artistic,environmental and musical activities in 8 pupblic primary schools in the project of “ improving the Environment of Education which was implementing by the Association of Advancement for Education

- Implementing a project of improving non regular kindergaten (joining the Directorate of Social Affairs) with 10 NGOs working in the field of early childhood through a training program for the administrative baard and supervisors of kindergarten classes

- In the present day Tanweer implementing a project of 9 classes of literacy (225 students) in coordinating with the general organization for teaching adults in village of soft elabn,also Tanweer will try to implement an eletronic program to teach adults in areas in Minia Governorte

- Applying the methoods of Advocacy and PRA in watching 4 local communties in Der Mwa directorate to determine the Drop-out rate and drop-outs and desiging a work plan to turn them back formal education

- Organizing advocacy compaigns aiming to promote the participation of students in basic and secondany school in volunatry activities and orgainzation in the education system

- Adopting the talented children in the education system through the activities implemented in schools in Cooperation with youth centers

3-The experience of Tanweer in the field of community participation:

1- Mobilizing the local community on community participation in education at schools to make awareness on the roles of parents in the council of parents on effective and positive participation in enhancing the capacity of the education organization through training on the team work and raising the participation in the council

2- Making a field study about the barriers which facing the work in council of parents and teachers in 35 schools in Minia Governorate schools in the Education Directorate of Abu Qurqas to determine the barriers which prevent the community participation,this study was evaluated by experts in this field

3- Implementing an awarness campaigns about low registeration and reducing the drop-out rate in the program of Improving Education which following the Ministry of Education at 4 local communities in the education Diretorate of Der Mawas and results were a the following
-Increasing the registeration rate of children in the school with a percentage of 23.4% than the year before the campaign
-returning back 14.2% of drop-outs to schools

4- Implementing an awarness campaign on the using of clean and renewable engery (solar energy) in 5 local community in the project of the school is the center for raising the awareness on using clean and renewable energy

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